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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
Annual Report for Sarasota County NPDES MS4 20152016doc_pdf4775.2Sarasota County Government1023919Annual Report to the DEP demonstrating compliance by Sarasota County with the requirements if its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. The permit requires the County to minimize the amount of pollution that is discharged from its stormwater drainage system.2015-Sarasota-County-NPDES-Annual-Report.pdf14CHNEP
"ECO"nomicsvideo0Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program1022673
"Keeping the Peace" Lesson Plans1998doc_pdf1300Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program1020039Lesson Plans for 7th grade study of water and the Peace River area. Written and implemented by 7th grade teachers of the Shark Team at Port Charlotte.Middle SchoolKeepingThePeace.pdf14CHNEP
"The Marine Scene" newsletter -- July/August 20122012doc_pdf496.5Florida Sea Grant1020716In this issue: Scallop Searches, Fish Descending Devices, Introduction of Red King Crab to Bering Sea, USCG Mohawk Reef.July_August_2012_Marine_Scene.pdf14CHNEP
"The Marine Scene" newsletter -- May/June 20122012doc_pdf839.7Florida Sea Grant1020567Science stories about coastal topics from Florida Sea Grant.may_jun_2012_MarineScene.pdf14CHNEP
¿Cuál Preferiría Pescar?2007doc_html0Tampa Bay Estuary Program1020598Tríptico describe los peligros que la línea de pesca monofilamento descartado representa para tortugas, delfí pájaros, manatís y otra vida marina, y ofrece asesoramiento sobre como lo deshacerse.
1000 Friends of Floridaorg1000 Friends of Florida1014705Nonprofit organization promoting responsible planning and land use through education, advocacy, negotiation and litigation. Mission: to protect and improve quality of life by advocating responsible planning for population growth.
1988 Florida Water Quality Assessment 305(b) Technical Appendix1988doc_pdf8400.3Florida Department of Environmental Protection1019249Introduction contains a summary of Florida water quality and assessment methods. Body of report addresses each basin, with a narrative summary and water quality data for major water bodies in the basin: clarity, DO, oxygen demand, pH, trophic status, coliform, species diversity, condition, flow, WQI. Information on river reaches includes status and trends.1988%20FL%20WQA%20305b%20Technical%20Appendix.pdf14CHNEP
1996 Water-Quality Assessment for the State of Florida Section 305(b) Main Report1996doc_pdf4527.4Florida Department of Environmental Protection1014434Usually called the 305(b) report, summarizes the quality of our water resources, regulatory development, impacts to surface water & groundwater, water-quality trends & current restoration & protection programs. Technical Appendix contains detailed information on the status & quality of individual hydrologic units & watersheds.1996%20Water-Quality%20Assessment%20for%20the%20State%20of%20Florida%20Section%20305(b)%20Main%20Report.pdf14CHNEP
1998 303(d) Listed Water Segments in Polk County (Map)1998doc_pdf2307Florida Department of Environmental Protection1016290Map of Polk County waters listed in the 1998 303(d) list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses.1998_303(d)_Polk_Map.pdf14CHNEP