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Charlotte Harbor
Turbidity1.4 NTUJanuary 2014 Turbidity4.14 NTUAverage for January
Myakka River
near North Port, Charlotte, FL
Elevation, water surface-0.43 ft1 hour ago Elevation, water surface-0.27 ftAverage for April
Caloosahatchee River
near Caloosahatchee Bridge
Velocity - stream0.16 ft/sec8627 hours ago Velocity - stream0 ft/secAverage for April
Peace River Watershed
Precipitation1.22 inchesPast 23 days Precipitation2.2 inchesAverage for April
Hancock, Lake
Nitrogen8,140 ug/lFebruary 2014 Nitrogen4,616.1 ug/lAverage for February

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